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RV LIFE Magazine was first published in 1984.  Today RV LIFE is purely digital, operating a network of websites targeting RVers in North America.  RV LIFE runs many of the most popular RV forum communities including: iRV2Forest River ForumsAIRForumsJayco OwnersThor Forums, and many more.  There are more than 9,000 articles on RV Life.


RV LIFE has an annual audience of more than 15 million unique readers: 88% are from the United States, 9% from Canada, and the remaining 3% come from hundreds of other countries. 


RV LIFE operates Campground Reviews, the largest and most trusted campground review site.  Discover the best camping destinations throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.  RV Life has accumulated more than 360,000 reviews of more than 19,000 campgrounds and provides a full list of amenities such as hookups, cellular signals, site types, and more.


The newest version of the app uses the information you enter about your RV such as length, height, weight, and propane status to calculate the a safe route for your RV. You will automatically be directed along routes without low clearances, bridges with weight limits, or anti-propane tunnels. The app will calculate the ideal route, complete with voice navigation, lane guidance, and real-time traffic updates! Simply enter your vehicle information, choose your favorite destination, and enjoy the quickest, safest journey available. There is no need to buy a dedicated RV GPS!

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